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Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Day

Second snow day in a row!

The first snow day is stay at home all day, force the kids out to go sledding instead of playing Minecraft for 8 hours,  make brownies,  and avoid making eye contact with the dog. The second day is--OMG! I have to get out of the house!

I force myself to think about Ma Ingalls in "On The Banks of Plum Creek. "  Here I am with central heat, a Jacuzzi and Netflix streaming, whining about cabin fever--and there was Ma, with dirt walls, a Bible, and no running water. They lived in a hole (Laura referred to as their snug little home or something) dug out of a riverbank in South Dakota (and what's more, her husband was home all day every day!) Despite the cheery gingham curtains, the little china shepherdess, and the all-engrossing  fun of penmanship practice--it must have gotten tedious, even for the amazing Ma.  Of course they were probably too preoccupied with "not freezing or starving to death" to worry about being bored--it probably took half their time just to keep the fire going and melt enough snow to make porridge. Or Maybe Laura just conveniently blocked out the times when Ma went out to the frozen outhouse and screamed in desperation.

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